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At Hopealive Agency, we believe that a well-placed and experienced workforce is what makes our clients so successful. The right people in the right positions are the most valuable resource any business can have. To that end, we offer an innovative solution for providing reliable and engaging staffing and recruiting services.

Many businesses rely on us to curtail the many costs of new employment, such as:

As any business owner can tell you, that all adds up after while. And if you need to source a lot of labor in a short amount of time, you run the risk of wasting a lot of your investment without a little help from the experts. Our passion in bridging the gap between your business and the outstanding personnel who are waiting to help you carry your business into the future.

Unlike the average staffing agency, Hopealive Agency cares about the employers we serve and their continued success.

Just like your commitment to quality in the services you provide and the staff you hire, we take pride in the quality experience we provide to the professionals that we recruit. Therefore, we are proud to work with organizations known for integrity within their industries. If your company meets this criterion, Optimum Staffing Solutions is ready to assist you in recruiting the skilled and experienced personnel your business needs and deserves.

Partnering with Employers

We maintain consistent staffing resources for a variety of sectors:


  •  Registered Nurse(RN)
  •  Registered Practical Nurse(RPN)
  •  Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN)
  •  Dietary Aides and Cook
  •  Personal Support Worker(PSW)
  •  Health Care Aides
  •  Housekeeping Aides
  •  Retirement Residence manager
  •  Care Support Assistant


  •  Sales Pages
  •  Web Development
  •  Website Manager
  •  Data Analyst

Other Areas

  •  Manufacturing
  •  Skilled trades
  •  Industrial
  •  Distribution Personel
  •  Transportation
  •  Material Handlers
  •  Machine Operators
  •  Customer Services
  •  Information Technology.
  •  Dispatchers and Drivers
  •  Trucker
  1. Taking the time to evaluate our candidates
  2. Anticipating the expectations of our clients
  3. Understanding the needs of employees, in potential employers

We are small enough to care, and large enough to fully understand and fulfill your needs.

  • 15+ years of total recruitment experience
  • Our fill ratio is greater that 95%
  • Contract renewal rate for our candidates is 90%
  • 70% of our candidates are converted to full-me employees
  • 0% lost time due to accidents throughout our entire history, as a result of our exceptional training programs
  • 24 hours recruiting services
  • Providing transportation for high volume orders
  • High level of commitment to Health & Safety
  • Experience with high volume and hard to fill positions
  • High interest in clients’ and candidates’ success
  • A quick response time fulfilling requests
  • High quality, experienced candidates
  • Satisfaction guaranteed in writing

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